Welcome to My Auntie's House.  My name is Yolanda Prescott. All the kids call me Auntie, so you can too! Auntie's House is a God-Based and Faith-Based Business...

Auntie's House provides community based programs that help Women and Children.  Here are some of the things we offer:
Prescott Preparatory Academy and Heal~Thy Body Fitness. We are in the process of creating a television show called: Auntie's House that will showcase Christian&Clean Talent. So if you can sing, dance, step, cheer, draw, mime, etc. All talent must be your own original, ie. cannot sing another artist song. You can create your own! Fill out the contact page and as Auntie always says, "Show Me What You Got!

I chose the color purple because it is the color of royalty. My symbol is the butterfly,  because although it is very delicate and beautiful, don't underestimate her, because her journey is remarkable....

Again, welcome, read, create, and contact me with your thoughts!

Love ya bunches and keep looking up,

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