Welcome Family and Friends,

What a wonderful day that was for me! Graduation Day, the beginning of new beginnings! This day was a stop on a great path God has placed me on.  I finally graduated obtaining a second degree in Education Studies. Difficult but not impossible.  I knew God called me to this new adventure. I  knew He was calling me to become an Educator because I could feel it in my soul and in my heart. It took 10 years just to get to this stop, however I was so determined to press on working diligently through all the sacrifices and knowing that because God loves me, He would see me through.  I know this is where God needs me. He spoke to my heart saying, " Educate My children one student at a time."

My Auntie's House, Inc is a non profit program that was created by my children, for my children, and out of my love for children. It has programs such as: Saturday School, Books In A Bag, Brooklyn-Brownsville Theater, Psalms 149 Liturgical Dancers, Heal-Thy Body Fitness, S.T.E.M. Girls Summer Camp, Prescott Preparatory Academy, PEARLS, Knights In Shining Armor, Sistaz In Christ, and Christiani-Tee Shirts. All in one house!  I asked God, how do I do fit all of this in one house, and the answer I received was, "You have what you need, use what you have". My Auntie's House has been evolving and is still recreating herself over and over!

So I welcome you, to a home filled with love and adventure, learning and creating, helping and growing, and forever moving towards a home that God is creating with His Infinite all powerful, faithful, unconditional,  Love.

So As for me and my house, we will only serve the Lord....

Love Always,
Yolanda Renee Prescott

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